Tired of boring workouts, or finding it hard to stay motivated by yourself? Then try our fun and exciting group fitness classes! Not only does exercising in a group environment keep you motivated throughout your session, but it also gives you consistency, variety, and you may even make some friendships along the way. Our classes are 45 minutes long and are suitable for any fitness level, so if you’re needing that extra little push, why not try out a class today? 


One of our most motivating and challenging classes, our Bootcamp is a fun, high energy class utilising bodyweight exercises, HIIT training, tyres, barbells, battle ropes and resistance bands to burn fat and tone your entire body.BOOTCAMP is a whole body workout using body weight exercises, tyre work, cardio, and weights, all designed to shed fat and increase lean muscle


HIITSTEP is a NEW and innovative, HIITexercise class using only bodyweight and a STEP.  “Simply an amazing class. The instructor really pushes you to work hard, the workout is challenging but also fun at the same time!”   Chloe Robinson



A high intensity boxing circuit class incorporating a mix of punching on bags or pads, bodyweight exercises, kettle bells, agility drills and/or weights.  Our boxing circuit is great for overall fitness, toning and conditioning.  An excellent workout for all fitness levels.


Drop the Beat and Dance away the kilos with The Jungle Body’s Konga!  This high intensity class is a wild mashup of boxing, pop, hip-hop, old-school, pilates, cardio, and rock!  Featuring easy to do moves, insane music, and routines all designed to shape and tone every inch of your body.


BOOM!  What a workout!  FIIT is our newest 45 minute workout that will help you strip kilos FAST!  PLUS, because of our unique mix of strength, cardio and HIIT training, you’ll continue to burn calories long after you finish your workout, increase your fitness, and build sexy lean muscle in record time!

From beginners to advanced exercisers, FIIT is absolutely for everyone!   By listening to your body, working at your own pace and completing at least 3 FIIT classes a week, you will quickly sculpt your body, have more energy, be healthier AND see amazing results!   PLUS, our awesome instructors will help you every step of the way and can modify any exercise in the class to suit any fitness level!