Sian’s Story

As a stay at home Mum with three small boys, I had put on lots of weight and wasn’t really living a very healthy life. I I felt like I had lost myself and I needed to change my lifestyle. I started working out with a PT at home (Reuben May) and he suggested that I join the gym to keep hitting my goals and meet some new like-minded people. So I joined Power Fitness in June and it was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made.

I have never been a member of a gym before and the first thing I noticed was the people! The people are fantastic! Coming in here is just amazing! I feel really comfortable, no one judges you and you feel very welcome. I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere. I’ve made so many new friends and have now started my own PT course which I hope to finish later this year.

I‘ve lost nearly 30 kilos since I started my weight loss journey and several dress sizes. It’s been great!

Exercising here at 24/7 Power Fitness Maddington makes me feel fantastic and so healthy. I haven’t been this fit in a very long time, physically or mentally, and it feels awesome.

Sian Miller

Success Stories and Testimonials

Carma’s Story

I first started at  Power Fitness about 18 months ago with a friend.  I was already playing netball regularly, but that was it for fitness for me.   After years of putting myself last, I was feeling unfit, and unhealthy and needed a shake up..  I guess I was looking to find myself again, and also find people on the same journey who would push and motivate me.

Great results from our Power Fitness Transformation ChallengeIt took me a while to hit the weight loss goals, but being around great support and people was what it was about for me at first.

My weight had fluctuated (mostly up) over the previous six years, but losing 5kg in 5 weeks during a Power Fitness Mini Challenge was a real motivator!   Plus I found a great “tribe” of awesome ladies and made some great new friendships that I still have today.

Signing up for the last  Power Fitness Transformation Challenge in January was definitely a turning point for me.   I became really strong in mind, and body and am really happy with my results and how I look now.   I feel and look the healthiest I have ever been, and plan to keep going to see where I end up.

And even though I have now hit my own personal weight loss goal, I realise that the scales was not really what it was about.  Feeling good in my own skin is priceless – the “Wow you look great!” comments are a bonus.

Thank you Power Fitness, it’s been the best journey I have put myself on. If you are looking to change your health, these are the guys that have the best team to support you – no matter what stage you are at – to become a fitter, healthier you.

Carma T

Before I joined the gym, I wasn’t happy with myself.  I had been talking to my doctor about feeling down, and he put me on antidepressants.  I hated the way I felt on the medication so I started researching more natural approaches to mental health and that’s when I found Power Fitness in Maddington”.

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I needed something to motivate me into losing weight and feeling great about myself.  So I decided to jump onboard with a Challenge that  they had at 24/7 Power Fitness Maddington, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Not only did I lose 5kg, but the support and encouragement I kept receiving from the staff and members has helped me lose more and keep it off!

I’ve now lost a total of 14kg and I feel amazing!  Best decision was becoming a member at 24/7 Power Fitness in Maddington.

Louise Campbell