Our FAV, Five-Minute Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

Here’s our FAV warmup routine to prepare you for lots of different activities including a mean weight lifting session, a hard-core game of footy, rugby, or netball, or one of our awesome fitness classes.  This dynamic warmup routine will prep your entire body for movement, needs no equipment, and can be completed in just five minutes.
Complete 10 reps of each exercise below for 1-2 rounds.

1. Standing Knee Hugs

Bring your knee toward your chest then lower the leg and place on the ground. You can alternate each leg while walking in a forward direction, or complete the moves on the spot.  To get more leverage, step onto your toes while hugging the shin of your opposite leg and bring the kneecap to the chest.

2.  Lunge with a Twist
Step forward into a lunge, then drop your hips (make sure that you don’t lunge so far forward that your front knee extends very far beyond your toes.  When you are in the low lunge position, slowly twist toward the side you are lunging for a more intense hip flexor stretch.

3. High Kicks

Kick one leg up in front of you.  At the same time, extend your opposite arm straight out so that the toes of your kicking leg hit your palm.  Aim to kick progressively higher each time, but make sure that you keep your kicks controlled.
High kicks help to improve the range of motion in your legs and to warm up the hamstrings.

4. Hip Stretch With A Twist

Start in the push up position and bring your right foot up to your right hand while keeping your hips down and lower back flat. Take your left hand, twist to your left while extending your arm and reaching toward the sky. Come back to the starting pushup position and repeat on the other side.
This is an awesome stretch – especially if you are sitting at a desk for most of the day.  It helps to stretch the core, upper, and middle back as well as the hips and groin.

5. T-Push-Ups

Start out in the push-up position, and then lower yourself down towards the ground. As you push back up, extend your right arm toward the sky while keeping your left arm stable and your hips from moving down, or up. Bring your arm back to the starting position, do another push up, and then repeat with the left arm.



6. Squats (Beginners) Jump Squats (Intermediate-Advanced)

Squats are a great exercise for warming up the lower body.  Jump squats are equally as good, however they require a much greater degree of force production and power than the other exercises on this list, so it’s a more advanced warm-up exercise.  You can choose to do either a plain squat, or add in the jump.
Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart while holding your hands behind your head, or on your hips. Squat down until the hips are about parallel with the ground, then either return to the starting position, or jump off the ground, land softly and repeat.

7. Lunges (Beginners) or Jump Lunges (Intermediate – Advanced)

Lunges and/or Jumping lunges are another great exercise for warming up the lower body. These exercises also require balance to help activate your stabilizer muscles in your legs and hips.
With your hands at your sides or behind your head, start with one foot extended forward and one behind. Drop your hips downward into a lunge then return to the starting position and change legs.
Or – drop into a lunge then jump into the air while switching legs so that your forward leg is now behind you, and your back leg is now in front of you.

Making It Easier

To make this dynamic warm-up easier, you can do some of the exercises assisted while holding on to a wall or sturdy object.  For example, you can do an assisted squat, or assisted reverse lunge, which makes both exercises much easier and more manageable. With the hip stretch, you can choose not to open up your shoulders, and with the T-push up, you don’t have to do the push up.

Remember, a dynamic warm-up can effectively prepare your body for exercise. Next time you go for a jog, play a sport, or hit the weights room, give this warm-up a try. Your body will thank you!