Here to train, motivate, and educate YOU!

I love this business and the diversity of people you meet at the gym.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at ground zero, with no experience, looking up and wondering where to start, or if you’re a fairly fit and strong gym regular. We all have something we can improve on or learn.

Give me 1-2 hours of your time per week and I’m the trainer that will turn things around for you and set you on the right track.

Strength based training to get results –  is my style. Whether you’ve lifted before or are completely new, this methodical approach will change your body shape, burn fat and build confidence you didn’t know you had in you.

Simple nutritional help/guidelines –  that are easy to follow without counting calories, that get you results.

Accountability and Consistency –  comes via booking the sessions with me and being able to hold yourself to the commitments you make to another person as opposed to trying to run solo on will power alone.

Injuries from sport and accidents – are something I have growing experience in, working along side “Jesse Coad” (A very talented allied Health Professional from Flex Physio), I can help get your pre-existing injury or niggle diagnosed and get you back on track with the appropriate recovery/rehab programming catered to your needs.

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“Self-esteem is a life changer. I became a personal trainer after pulling myself out of an overweight, unhealthy lifestyle with a gym membership and the services of some trainers along the way. The sense of self-worth and achievement woke me up. I came to realise what I had learned in the gym would serve me in life as challenges and obstacles came my way.  I train others now so that I can pass on what I learned.  To see my client’s achieve what they set out to do is a huge reward.”

Matt Brightman

Personal Trainer, 24/7 Power Fitness, Maddington


  • Cert 3 in Personal Training
  • Cert 4 in Personal Training
  • Cert 3 in Youth Work
  • Veteran Metal Head/Guitarist ;P