Transformation Tuesday Jacqueline Christie

As a young stay-at-home Mum, and FIFO wife, Jacqueline found herself putting on weight and feeling down.  She lacked confidence, wasn’t happy with how she looked, she felt very unhealthy, and that was reflected in how she spent the time with her children and her husband – This is her story of how she turned it all around.

Jacqueline’s Challenge

Before I joined the gym, I wasn’t happy with myself.  I had been talking to my doctor about feeling down, and he put me on antidepressants.  I hated the way I felt on the medication so I started researching more natural approaches to mental health and that’s when I found Power Fitness in Maddington”.

The Solution

“I first joined the gym two years ago with my sister and my friend – Just to find something for “us mums”.   I was very shy and did not have a lot of confidence, so I just stuck to the gym and did not dare try the group fitness classes.  But when my sister fell pregnant, and my friend couldn’t come anymore, I needed motivation and tried my first group fitness class (Konga).  I was so shy and felt like I was just a “Stay-at-Home” mum, so still didn’t talk to anyone that first class, but I loved it and kept coming back just for Konga”.


“Since those first days, I have tried all of the classes and made some amazing new friends.

Mentally now, I am such a different person.  I am confident in myself. I am not afraid to speak to new people, to try new things, to get involved- once upon a time I never would have.  I am ME now.

Dave (Jac’s husband) and I have always been active with the kids, but now its in a different way for me.  I used to support Dave doing it and I would encourage him, and I used to stand on the sidelines. But now, I am right in there and get involved a lot more with them.    I’m not afraid to go swimming anymore – that was a huge thing for me because of how I looked and how uncomfortable I felt in myself – I would be worried about people looking at me…but  now I don’t! I am healthy and fit and love being a good example for my girls. Our girls have enough to deal with in our society with body issues and I don’t want my (past) attitude to affect my girls.  

Physically the changes have been great.   The first time I lost about 6kgs, then had to have some time off due to a knee injury and put a lot of that back on.  So the up to date this time I’ve lost about 6.1 kilo!

This time though, the loss is different.  Before, I lost weight on the scale, but I was not fit, or toned.   Now, I’ve done different things and been in heaps more classes and have built lean muscle and got much fitter.  So I am way more toned, stronger, and fitter now, which is more important than kilos for me … and I’ve lost more than 29cm.”


“I think that because I grew up with a single Mum, and she gave EVERYTHING to us, I thought that was how you had to be a Mum.  You give your whole self and you don’t have anything left for yourself. But when I joined the gym, and started feeling great, mentally and physically, I realised that No…..I can still be a good Mum, have a life, and be healthy, AND an active parent and show good role modelling for my kids.

To anyone feeling like me, I would say:  Don’t be afraid to get involved and there is always someone here to help.  This gym is amazing – totally amazing. Not only the people who work here, but the members too.  They are all incredible. There is not one member who won’t say hello when they are walking past you in the gym, or won’t give you a hand in anyway.  I Love it here.”

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